HOUSE RULES by Jodi Picoult, narrated by Mark Turetsky, Rich Orlow, Nicole Poole, Christopher Evan Welch & Andy Paris

Most kids with Asperger’s (high-functioning Autism) parallel play long beyond what is normal. This boy with autism spectrum disorder quietly collects puzzle pieces while other children play ball behind him.

Jodi Picoult’s HOUSE RULES is an astonishing novel, overflowing with empathy towards those extremely bright kids whose lives are marred by Asperger’s.

Jacob Hunt knows more about forensic science at 18 than the local police force. When he crashes their investigations and makes suggestions he is nearly always right. But he isn’t able to consider how others will see his actions.

So when he stages a crime scene with a real dead body, the local police believe he is the killer.

Even his own mother fears the outcome of the courtroom drama that envelops their lives as the prosecutor tries to pin Jess Ogilvy’s murder on Jacob.

But Jacob has a brother, an “ordinary” 15-year-old named Theo, who passes his time by doing a little breaking-and-entering. What is Theo not saying about Jess’s death?

Five stars.

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