A HEART SO FIERCE & BROKEN (CURSEBREAKERS #2) by Brigid Kemmerer narrated by Melissa Bayern (Lia Mara), Matt Reeves (Prince Grey), Kate Handford (Princess Harper), and Davis Brooks (Prince Rhen)

Despite what many readers say, I found this second volume just as riveting as the first.

It seemed obvious to me that author Brigid Kemmerer would want to explore Grey’s character further and give him a love interest. So after Harper lays down her life for Prince Rhen, after Grey kills the enchantress Lilith, after the curse is broken, Emberfall is still faced with lots of problems.

For starters, there are persistent rumors of a Magesmith (magician) who is the real heir to the throne of Emberfall. Much to his surprise this person turns out to be Grey, devoted Guardsman to Prince Rhen, and erstwhile farm boy.

Grey discovers that he is the elder son of King Broderick, that he has magical powers, and that Rhen (his younger brother) in his fear of magic becomes cruel and ruthless. Thus Grey spends most of this novel on the run, trying to escape his fate.

With him is Lia Mara, the elder daughter of Karis Luran, the Queen of Sylh Shallow. Lia Mara was captured by Prince Rhen when she appeared one night at his castle, wishing to broker a peace deal. Instead of listening to her, Rhen promptly locks her up.

I loved the adventures that Grey and Lia Mara had during this volume, along with Jake (Harper’s brother) Noah (Jake’s boyfriend), Tycho (Grey’s protegé), and Isaac (a very large talking bird.)

Although this volume was definitely NOT a retelling of BEAUTY & THE BEAST, I loved how author Brigid Kemmerer brought in a thread of that story in the character of Lia Mara, who (like Beauty in various versions of the story) is characterized as stupid and naive by her mother Karis Luran and her younger sister Nolla Verin (Karis Luran’s heir.) Five stars.

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