Does a daily drink of news make your head throb?

Escape the news by reading Cynthia Sally Haggard's tales
An antidote to the daily drink of news that makes your head throb.




Does a daily drink of news make your head throb?

Do these headlines add up to a jackhammer in your temples? A drooping of your shoulders and spine? A tangle in your stomach?

Be taken outside the world of every day by plunging into one of Cynthia Sally’s stories.


What if your wife returned from holiday with a much younger man?

Does drinking in the news cause headaches? by Cynthia Sally Haggard, cynthia_at_cynthiasally,
A story about my husband’s grandfather set during the 1889-1890 industrial unrest in Bristol, UK.

Poor Edward Daniell had no idea he’d married a socialist firebrand when he acquired a wife eight years ago. Nineteen-year-old Miriam Wheeler had a conventional Victorian childhood but became more and more unconventional as the years went by. Eventually, Miriam Daniell acquired a taste for Socialism, becoming a member of the Bristol Socialist Society and Treasurer of the Bristol Strike Committee of 1889-1890. 

Despite her passion for politics, Miriam is not well. Her condition is so unmentionable that no-one (not even her husband) cares to discuss it, but it necessitates trips to Edinburgh so that she can consult with her Lady Doctor. After one of these trips, Miriam returns home to Bristol bringing a young man she met in Edinburgh, a Scot from Dunfermline who quit medical school in Edinburgh to become yet another Socialist firebrand…


What if your daughter spread a malicious lie about you?

Escape a daily drink of news, by Cynthia Sally Haggard, cynthia_at_cynthiasally, headaches
A tale about my grandmother set in 1913, on the eve of the Great War.

It is 1913. Stephanie, the eldest daughter, is a lovely young woman; tall, well-grown, with a creamy complexion, thick blonde hair, and large blue eyes. She is intelligent, charming, and funny. She should marry well and do the family proud, but she behaves so badly, going out with young men, unchaperoned, to dance halls.

When her mother attempts to rein in Stephanie’s behavior, concerned that it will ruin the marriage prospects of her three sisters,

Stephanie retaliates…


escape a daily drink of news, cynthia sally haggard, cynthia_at_cynthiasally, headaches
Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495) experiences the 21st Century!

What if you returned from the Land of the Dead to experience the 21st Century?

Lady Cecylee Neville has been dead for some time, last closing her eyes in 1495. But now it is May, 2015, and she wishes to celebrate her 600th birthday. And so she resolves to go on a long and perilous journey, whisking herself forward to the 21st Century to see for herself how matters stand.

By turns enthralled, terrified and puzzled, Lady Cecylee finds herself grappling with dishwashers, robots that clean rooms, two stuffed toys and…herself.

Lastly, play Game of Thrones in Thwarted Queen

When Robert Baratheon died suddenly after a boar hunt, he left two young sons and an alarming wife.

escape a daily drink of news by cynthia sally haggard cynthia_at_cynthiasally, headaches
When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win, or you die.

When Edward IV, King of England, died suddenly after a fishing trip in April 1483, he left two young sons, a dangerous wife, and war broke out, the Yorks (Starks) battling the Lancasters (Lannisters.)

This fictionalized biography of Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495), the Thwarted Queen, spins a saga of power, fear, madness and greed.

When you play the Game of Thrones,
you either win,
or you die.

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