Would you like to know how I write my newsletter?

Today, I thought I would share some insights about how I write my newsletter.

I use the WordPress platform Creativ.email, as it makes everything easier for me (I have a WordPress blog) and is a very affordable alternative to MailChimp.

Because MailChimp is so expensive, I tried MailerLite for a time, as I knew it to be popular. But I COULDN’T STAND the interface, it was SO UNINTUITIVE! Why make the user write the posts in a text box in a side panel, rather than the much more intuitive experience of writing it in the place where she wants it to be? Even worse, the boxes in the side panel you needed to click to format the darn thing were always just out of reach…

So, what I’m showing you today is the most recent email I sent out, created in Creativ.email.

How my newsletter begins

The top of my most recent newsletter, showing my logo and title. I am showing this image in Edit.

Thanking Subscribers

It is so important to thank subscribers. My subscribers give me so much joy by engaging with me. Without people to support you, writing becomes very lonely. One way I thank my subscribers is by using a different image of cooperation each month. Above is the one I used in my most recent email.

Using Seasonal Images

I try to make my newsletter as beautiful as possible, so that it will delight my subscribers. Here is a seasonal image for the New Year.

Insights into my Work-in-Progress (WIP)

This is where the body of the newsletter begins. Subscribers sign up partly because they want to know more about the person behind the author who pens the tales they adore. So I use this part of the newsletter to discuss my WIPs, by sharing fascinating factoids, updates, cover reveals…

My Call to Action (CTA)

Fans love to help their favorite author, so it is perfectly okay to ask for it. Here, I am asking my subscribers to review Thwarted Queen.

How to help your subscribers help you

Here are the buttons below my CTA directing my subscribers towards Thwarted Queen. If you want to be EXTRA SPECIALLY HELPFUL to your subscribers, Amazon will allow you to point everyone to the REVIEW page!

Always give something to your subscribers

I ALWAYS have links to Freebies in my newsletter. It is a fun and easy way of thanking subscribers, and if you have lots of books, freebies are a great way of letting your fans know you as an author!

Doing little extras for your subscribers

Providing your subscribers with a synopsis of your freebie is a thoughtful way of letting them know about their gift. That way, they don’t have to search for it online. So is letting them see the cover!

It is always useful to explain why you do something

Here are my FAQs which serve the purpose of both introducing the subscriber to me as well as explaining the mission of my newsletter.
Second page of my FAQs
Third page of my FAQs ~ yes, I know it’s verbose but what can I say? I LOVE to write!

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