What do you do when a psychopath makes himself King?

In Zodiac Academy #6 ~ Fated Throne, Darius’ psychopath dad makes himself King of Solaria. But wait, you say. Aren’t there Four Councillors and their Wives? And what about the Four Celestial Heirs?

To be honest, I’m not sure which star sign is depicted on the cover of this volume, but I think it is Scorpio, which happens to be the star sign of both Geraldine Grus (belligerent, over-the-top supporter of the Vega twins) and Gabriel Nox, their long-lost brother who we meet in this volume.

With a wave of his hand, Lionel Acrux just banishes that problem. At least for now.

Unfortunately, Lionel has captured Tory Vega, and tried to destroy her with Dark Coercion. However, he allows her to return to Zodiac Academy for the Fall term. So sister Darcy Vega and her friends kidnap Tory to restore her to herself. Hurray! you say.

The catch? Tory has to pretend to be the way she was before.

Gabriel Nox is the best seer in Solaria. His Order Form is Harpy and he has Ravel-Black wings, which he usually leaves partially out, as shown in this portrait by jemlin_c.

And so the ups and downs of the Vega Princesses and the Four Heirs and their fight against so-called King Lionel wends its way through nymph attacks, secret passages, and a newly-acquired ally in the shape of Tory & Darcy’s long-forgotten brother Gabriel Nox until we come near the end of this (overlong) novel. (It clocks in at 26 hours and 5 minutes.)

On Christmas Day Lionel gifts his son and heir Darius a present, which (of course) is not pleasant. Then he forces Darius to marry his fiancée ~ totally against his wishes (of course.)

After that there is a battle as many rises up against Lionel, and nearly get killed. The only reason why they end this novel in one piece (relatively speaking) is because Darius makes a Promise to the Stars.

But as you already know, there is a big price to pay for his decision. Five stars. 

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