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This month,  I’ve signed up for three promos:

1. StoryOrigin’s Spring Into Summer Reads with my short story The Non-Affair ~ What if the crush you develop for your professor is never quite returned?
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2. BookFunnel’s April Book Hunt (Women’s Fiction) with my short story The End of Childhood ~ What if you were a companion to a rich man’s daughter and her father began talking about making you his second wife? What would you do?
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3. StoryOrigin’s Proud to be Different with two short stories A Surprising Cure and Shades of Unreality.
A Surprising Cure ~ What if your wife returns home from vacation with a much younger man? And you are a respectable lawyer with a well-heeled clientèle living in 1880s Bristol England. How would you react?
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Shades of Unreality ~ Suppose you have been dead for the past 600 years but now you want to visit your Scribe who lives in the 21st century. How would you react to a modern apartment in a large metropolitan area in the United States?
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If you are one of those subscribers who signed up for the Book Sweeps Literary Historical & Book Club Fiction, tap here for your FREE copy of THWARTED QUEEN

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