How would you feel to be locked in a tiny room?

How different things are in June 2023, from the way they were in March 2020 when THE LOCKED ROOM is set. The author’s powerful writing enabled me to relive this perilous time when the whole world shut down, when millions of people across the world died, and when none of us felt safe going out.

Elly Griffiths weaves this world disaster into THE LOCKED ROOM, into the usual situation of our two main character’s off-again on-again romance, with Ruth exhausting herself trying to teach her classes during lockdown, while Nelson, in his typical way, breaks the rules and drives too fast as he puzzles out why so many women who meet at the equivalent of a Weight Watcher’s meeting die mysteriously. Apparently from suicide.

Ms. Griffiths is a talented storyteller and so clever with her plots. Needless to say, I had no idea who the villain of the piece was until Ruth found out.

This is an edgy, scary, creepy novel that will keep you on the edges of your seat, until Ruth comes in and solves the crime. Highly recommended. Five Stars. 

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