Ominous Clouds Glower ~ A Typical British Bank Holiday

This weekend is the last hurrah for British Holiday-Makers, a time when the Government closes banks on Monday, so that the British People have a Long Weekend in which to enjoy the August sunshine.

Except that here in Wiltshire the skies are filled with ominous clouds promising enough rain to dampen any thoughts of an outside BBQ.

Angry clouds glower over the pretty market town of Marlborough in Wiltshire. Yes, it is 27 August, even though I was obliged to wear a woolen tunic to combat the wet & windy weather and highs hovering near 60 degrees

So what do British people do, when their plans are ruined?

They Keep Calm and Carry On.

Since it is almost impossible to predict the weather in this island nation (which is why it is such a popular topic of conversation), since the rain may last only ten minutes, since it is often the “gentle rain of heaven” to quote The Bard, people just carry on with their plans. If they are going to the seaside, they pack the car up with Tupperware containers full of puddings and other treats, and endure the never-ending queues to get to Bournemouth, Weymouth or Torquay.

If they are planning a round of golf, they put on their Wellies and rain gear and head out.

If they are planning a BBQ, they place it near the back door so that they can cook in between sporadic rain showers.

In other words, the British never wait for the weather to improve, they just go ahead with their plans, come what may. Which is why, when they visit places like Italy, they go out into the midday sun, carrying on with their plans just as they do at home, no matter what the weather is doing. Much to the puzzlement of the rest of us, who wonder why mad dogs and Englishmen go out into the Midday Sun

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