Is Edwina safe? ~ Volume 2 The Raven Song

Following the shocking death of her sister at the end of Volume 1 ~ The Raven Spell ~ Edwina Blackwood travels north to escape London. Although the author never says so, it becomes apparent that she winds up in Edinburgh. (As I experience this tale in audio form, I was able to detect all the Scottish accents.)

First, she is sent to the huge country house of Sir Henry Elvanfoot, the Wizard of the North. Naturally he has surrounded his mansion with every supernatural charm he can think of, so Edwina is safe. But then there is that invitation to the Midsummer Ball held by an Elven Queen and how could one possibly say no?

And so Edwina ventures out of her protective cage, and (of course) is captured by those who have Evil Designs on her. For Edwina is no ordinary witch but has Special Powers. Some believe she is fairy-touched. Which is why everyone ~ from the Elven Queen on down ~ is so fascinated by her. Who is Edwina, really? What is her calling in life? And where are her parents who disappeared so mysteriously all those years ago? And then there is the death of her sister. What was all that about? Was Mary murdered? Or did something else happen?

Author Luanne G. Smith deftly ties up all of these ends in a way that offers a glorious ending. Five Stars. 

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