Who outraged you the most ~ Harry, Meghan, Charles or Camilla?

SPARE by Harry, Duke of Sussex tells of a life that seems so bizarre it is hard to credit. So should we believe everything he tells us? IMHO no. Knowing human nature as I do, I think this book is a mixture of The Truth, and The Misleading and, as always, it is up to […]

Why was the March family so poor?

Far from being the sainted mother of Louisa May Alcott‘s LITTLE WOMEN, Marmee in Sarah Miller’s re-telling has a temper, and one sudden outburst of boiled-over fury ruined her family. What to do when your husband spends all his money on others? How I LOVED Marmee’s voice. The poor woman is so compassionate towards everyone. […]

How could a quiet bookworm become a ruthless female sniper?

A Historian-turned-Sniper Nicknamed “Lady Death” by the Nazis, Lyudmila Pavlichenko is a historian-turned-sniper who is so good at her craft that she tallies 309 Nazi deaths in the space of about 10 months. But Mila (as she is usually known) is not arrogant about this. She is only doing her duty. “I serve the Soviet […]

A Novel out of its time

North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell is a novel out of its time. Miss Margaret Hale, the Heroine Unlike most Victorian misses Margaret Hale doesn’t flutter, faint, or claim that she is unable to understand anything complicated, as does her cousin Edith (who is the perfect foil for her.) No. Miss Margaret Hale is Queenly. […]

Happy Holidays 2022 to Everyone!

Our Holiday memories are like snowflakes that gather and dance, each one beautiful and unique…and gone too soon… ~based upon Deborah Whipp

A Governess was a willing ally for Jane Austen’s mischievous ploys

I definitely didn’t expect to meet a governess who was a willing ally for Jane Austen’s mischievous ploys in this piece of fan fiction. What a lovely surprise! And it was so well-expressed by the voice of narrator Bessie Carter. Anne Sharpe’s Early Life The first half of the novel is well-written, if not exactly […]

Does this alluring cover delight your eyes?

Sneak peek of jacket cover for deluxe edition of thwarted queen by cynthia sally haggard, cynthia_at_cynthiasally, alluring cover delights the eyes

Enjoy this sneak peek of the alluring cover jacket designed to delight your eyes for the DELUXE edition of Thwarted Queen! I’m planning to release it sometime in 2023! Talented artist Melissa Stevens designed the jacket, case, and interior. The alluring designs delight the eyes and make a very special gift for loved ones on […]

Does a daily drink of news make your head throb?

Escape the news by reading Cynthia Sally Haggard's tales

UKRAINE HAMMERED BY BARRAGE OF MISSILES HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE CRUSHED TO DEATH IN SEOUL IRANIAN DRONES HARD TO SHOOT DOWN Does a daily drink of news make your head throb? Do these headlines add up to a jackhammer in your temples? A drooping of your shoulders and spine? A tangle in your stomach? Be taken […]

THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS by Elizabeth Gilbert, narrated by Juliet Stevenson

Of course, this novel is wonderful. Of course it has Liz Gilbert’s wonderful style, now transmuted so that it sounds like something out of the 19th century. Of course there are eccentric, larger-than-life characters. But what made this book come alive for me was the BRILLIANT NARRATION of Juliet Stevenson, who caught the gruff shouts […]