THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS by Elizabeth Gilbert, narrated by Juliet Stevenson

Of course, this novel is wonderful. Of course it has Liz Gilbert’s wonderful style, now transmuted so that it sounds like something out of the 19th century. Of course there are eccentric, larger-than-life characters. But what made this book come alive for me was the BRILLIANT NARRATION of Juliet Stevenson, who caught the gruff shouts […]

THE LAST AMERICAN MAN, by Elizabeth Gilbert, narrated by Patricia Kalember

This is an amazing story, written by an amazing writer. What a great stylist Liz Gilbert is! I LOVED the carefully crafted casualness of her prose style – a gossip at the local cafe with superb editing. Eustace Conway is about my age, but when he was 17, he didn’t finish his A-Levels and go […]

LONE WOLF by Jodi Picoult narrated by Natalia Payne (Helen), Louis Changchien (Joe), Celeste Ciulla (Georgie), Nick Cordero (Edward), Angela Goethals (Cara), Mark Zeisler (Luke), and Andy Paris (Barney)

It is fascinating to see how Jodi Picoult makes her characters come alive. One of the main characters, Luke Warren, is lying in a hospital bed, in a coma throughout this entire novel, and so Ms. Picoult has to make him come alive via interior monologue. What is brilliant about this technique is that the […]

THE HOUSE OF SALT & SORROWS by Erin A. Craig narrated by Emily Lawrence

As I experienced this novel in audio form, I just want to take some time to praise narrator Emily Lawrence who did a flawless job of inhabiting all of the characters! Now for the novel itself, a retelling of the Brother Grimm’s folk-tale THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES. As a debut novel, it is very good. […]

A VOW SO BOLD & DEADLY (CURSEBREAKERS #3) by Brigid Kemmerer, narrated by Melissa Bayern (Queen Lia Mara), Kate Handford (Princess Harper), Davis Brooks (Prince Rhen), and Matt Reeves (King Grey)

Like many other readers, I loved the ending of this novel. How wonderful to go from a situation where everyone is rattling their sabers, preparing for a brutal war, only to have the brothers (Prince Rhen and King Grey) come together to make peace. What makes Brigid Kemmerer’s writing so magnificent is the way she […]

A HEART SO FIERCE & BROKEN (CURSEBREAKERS #2) by Brigid Kemmerer narrated by Melissa Bayern (Lia Mara), Matt Reeves (Prince Grey), Kate Handford (Princess Harper), and Davis Brooks (Prince Rhen)

Despite what many readers say, I found this second volume just as riveting as the first. It seemed obvious to me that author Brigid Kemmerer would want to explore Grey’s character further and give him a love interest. So after Harper lays down her life for Prince Rhen, after Grey kills the enchantress Lilith, after […]