How would you feel if a gorgeous-looking flirtatious boy mauled you one night?

Zodiac Academy Volume 9 retells the Volume 1 story The Awakening from the point of view of the boys. IMHO this volume provided valuable information that was missing from Volume 1, which is written in a braided narrative with alternating chapters from Tory’s and Darcy’s POVs.  But was it really necessary to write a whole […]

How to make the punishment fit the crime

Volume Two of the Zodiac Academy series is a revenge book. The Four Celestial Heirs ~ four privileged males ~ have led such an entitled life that no-one has ever dared to give them push back.  So they are shocked when someone steals their prized possessions (Darius), or infests them with fleas (Seth), or drops […]

How would you empower yourself against bullies?

The Zodiac Academy ~ Book I The Awakening ~ An Academy Bully Romance Authors Carline Peckham and Susana Valenti wisely made it clear that this series of books, about bullies at a high-school academy, is not for the faint of heart. Although it is fan fiction based (loosely) upon JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, here there […]