How would you feel if a gorgeous-looking flirtatious boy mauled you one night?

Zodiac Academy Volume 9 retells the Volume 1 story The Awakening from the point of view of the boys. IMHO this volume provided valuable information that was missing from Volume 1, which is written in a braided narrative with alternating chapters from Tory’s and Darcy’s POVs.  But was it really necessary to write a whole […]

Are you drained by more than five volumes?

Zodiac Academy #8 ~ Sorrow & Starlight deals with the fallout of the disastrous battle that ended the last volume.  Darcy and Orion are captured by King Lionel Acrux, and Orion makes a death-bond to free Darcy from Lavinia’s curse. This bond is set to expire in three months, so everything should be okay. Right? […]


Author Suzanne Collins mentions that the idea for THE HUNGER GAMES came from channel surfing between reality TV games and the Iraq war. While the reality game show element is really obvious, it seems to me that this whole series is a metaphor for the wars of the recent decade, with each volume of the […]

WAKENHYRST by Michelle Paver, read by Juanita McMahon

I don’t read Horror, so I have no basis of comparison for WAKENHYRST. Perusing other reader’s comments, I see that they are disappointed that this piece doesn’t really fall into the Horror genre, but is more a coming-of-age story about repressed 16-year-old Maud growing up in the Fen Country of Suffolk. Perhaps that is why […]