Are you drained by more than five volumes?

Zodiac Academy #8 ~ Sorrow & Starlight deals with the fallout of the disastrous battle that ended the last volume.  Darcy and Orion are captured by King Lionel Acrux, and Orion makes a death-bond to free Darcy from Lavinia’s curse. This bond is set to expire in three months, so everything should be okay. Right? […]

What would you do with the last year of your life?

Zodiac Academy Volume 7 ~ Heartless Sky takes place in the year after that promise Darius makes to the Stars. This is the year of his life gifted to him by the Stars to prove that he is man enough to be Tory Vega’s husband. At the end of this time, he has to die. […]

Which reckoning do the authors mean?

This volume is called The Reckoning because that is what the exam to stay at Zodiac Academy is called. Or is it? Once you get to the final scene of this volume, you will understand why authors Caroline Peckham and Susanna Valenti gave Book 3 of the Zodiac Academy this title. One of the strengths […]