SMALL GREAT THINGS by Jodi Picoult, narrated by Audra McDonald, Cassandra Campbell and Ari Fliakos

The Mass Market version

This book took a long time a-coming, which is not surprising when you realize that in this novel, Jodi Picoult takes on the fraught issue of race.

The protagonist is Ruth Jefferson, an African-American nurse who is superb at her job (delivering babies) and devoted to her patients.

The antagonist is Turk Bower, a White Supremacist.

When Turk demands that Ruth NOT touch his newborn baby boy, Ruth’s supervisor complies. But this puts Ruth in an impossible situation.

The Audio Version

What is she to do when the baby suddenly goes blue and stops moving?

Should she touch it, as her training demands?

Or should she stand there, seeing the child suffer, as she obeys her supervisor’s (and the baby’s father’s) directive?

What would you do?

Find out in this gripping, well-paced novel.

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