Which reckoning do the authors mean?

The cover for Zodiac Academy Volume 3: The Reckoning. The Libra Zodiac sign probably refers to Orion, the sexy professor.

This volume is called The Reckoning because that is what the exam to stay at Zodiac Academy is called.

Or is it?

Once you get to the final scene of this volume, you will understand why authors Caroline Peckham and Susanna Valenti gave Book 3 of the Zodiac Academy this title.

One of the strengths of this series is the amazing world-building. It was very much in evidence as the authors describe the truly difficult tasks the Zodiac students have to undergo to keep their places at this prestigious academy. Written in the present tense and told from each twin’s point of view, the descriptions are amazing, showing how much thought has gone into this novel.

Lionel Acrux, father of Darius and Xavier, the worse-than-Voldemort character of this series. Found on the zabooks fandom website.

Of course, both Vega twins Tory and Darcy pass with flying colors. But we are barely allowed time to celebrate before problems emerge.

Finally, the heirs figure out who has been playing pranks on them, and they are furious. However, they don’t react as one might expect. Seth and Max do nothing about it. Darius is persuaded not to take revenge on Tory by Orion, who calms him down. (Both of these guys have a special bond).

But what is truly chilling is Caleb’s reaction when he finds out that Tory is behind the rumors that he wants to have a Pegasus girlfriend. He drives Tory to a remote mountain to kill her.

But …you will have to find out what happens next!

It is hard to find a representation of The Shadows, but I tried because they play an increasingly important role in the Zodiac Academy series. Here we have an image, described by author Elena Odareevna as “Abstract light ray on black background. Drawing with light.” Purchased from iStock.

The novel ends brutally, when Darius’ father Lionel Acrux plunges everyone into the Kingdom of Shadows.

Although the authors are quite capable of writing well, the writing style in this volume shows occasional signs of haste ~ word repetitions that jangle together. But this is made up for by well-written sex scenes (hard to do), compelling characters, plot twists and wonderful details that bring this world alive.

Four stars.

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