How to make the punishment fit the crime

Zodiac Academy, Volume 2. The Lion is the star sign Leo for Darius Acrux.

Volume Two of the Zodiac Academy series is a revenge book. The Four Celestial Heirs ~ four privileged males ~ have led such an entitled life that no-one has ever dared to give them push back. 

So they are shocked when someone steals their prized possessions (Darius), or infests them with fleas (Seth), or drops a huge sex toy on their bed (Caleb), or infects them with an agonizing skin disease (Max).

Their go-to emotion is fury, but fury doesn’t get them very far. In some cases it makes things a whole lot worse.

This gradual challenge to life in a Golden Orb (the not-so-coincidental name for the Student Union) makes these four fall apart when they have to play a rival Academy at Pit Bull, their favorite sport, which is insanely brutal.

Much to their disbelief and horror, things do not go their way. But then a real attack occurs in which everyone has to fight for their lives, and the Vega twins prove their worth. 

The Four Celestial Heirs. From the left and going clockwise are Darius Acrux the Fire Heir, Max Rigel the Water Heir, Seth Capella the Air Heir, and Caleb Altair the Earth Heir. All images created by jemlin_c on Instagram, and uploaded by kaceytheo on Pinterest.

Kudos to sister-authors Susanne Valenti and Caroline Peckham for spending the time on character transformation and for allowing emotion to unspool on the page. Instead of baddies and goodies and cardboard characters, we have complex people with searing emotions. Five stars. 

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