What can you do to celebrate Lady Cecylee’s 608th birthday?

How about tapping the button below to view Thwarted Queen on NetGalley?

Lady Cecylee at Castle Raby, her girlhood home.

Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495) was born in May. Some say she was born on 3 May 1415, which is coincidentally the same day that her youngest daughter Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy was born in 1446.

Some say she was born 31 May 1415.

The truth is, we don’t actually know as detailed records of women, even noblewomen, were not often kept in the 1400s.

So, I am devoting the entire month of May to celebrating Lady Cecylee’s life via my novel Thwarted Queen, which is a fictionalized biography of Lady Cecylee, set in 1400s England, with a Game of Thrones vibe.

Stay tuned for more events!

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