Were the princes murdered? Or spirited out of the country?

My sister contacted me recently, telling me I had to read this book, by Philippa Langley, about the Princes in the Tower. For those who do not know, Philippa Langley was the inspiration behind the project to find the remains of King Richard III, which was eventually found beneath a car park in the City […]

What can you do to celebrate Lady Cecylee’s 608th birthday?

How about tapping the button below to view Thwarted Queen on NetGalley? Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495) was born in May. Some say she was born on 3 May 1415, which is coincidentally the same day that her youngest daughter Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy was born in 1446. Some say she was born 31 May 1415. […]

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Lady Cecylee had an affair with an archer on the Rouen garrison…in the summer of 1441. Her one night of passion changed her life, her family’s life and the Game of Thrones-like jockeying for power in late 1400s England. Get your discounted copy of THWARTED QUEEN a historical romance set in the fairy-tale castles of […]