How would you feel if a gorgeous-looking flirtatious boy mauled you one night?

Zodiac Academy Volume 9 retells the Volume 1 story The Awakening from the point of view of the boys. IMHO this volume provided valuable information that was missing from Volume 1, which is written in a braided narrative with alternating chapters from Tory’s and Darcy’s POVs.  But was it really necessary to write a whole […]

Are you drained by more than five volumes?

Zodiac Academy #8 ~ Sorrow & Starlight deals with the fallout of the disastrous battle that ended the last volume.  Darcy and Orion are captured by King Lionel Acrux, and Orion makes a death-bond to free Darcy from Lavinia’s curse. This bond is set to expire in three months, so everything should be okay. Right? […]

With one character incarcerated, what happens to the others?

Near the beginning of Zodiac Academy #5 ~ Cursed Fates, the authorities discover Orion’s affair with Darcy and he is put on trial. Without Darcy’s consent, Orion makes a statement in which he claims it was all his fault and he manipulated a vulnerable young woman to rise in society. He is give ten years […]

Who is the compelling Voice?

The Shadows Volume Three  of Zodiac Academy The Reckoning left us with Lionel Acrux feeding the Vega Twins to The Shadows. At the beginning of the Volume Four The Shadow Princess we learn the sisters have survived. So has Orion. So has Darius. But all of them now have to deal with The Shadows, who […]

Which reckoning do the authors mean?

This volume is called The Reckoning because that is what the exam to stay at Zodiac Academy is called. Or is it? Once you get to the final scene of this volume, you will understand why authors Caroline Peckham and Susanna Valenti gave Book 3 of the Zodiac Academy this title. One of the strengths […]

How to make the punishment fit the crime

Volume Two of the Zodiac Academy series is a revenge book. The Four Celestial Heirs ~ four privileged males ~ have led such an entitled life that no-one has ever dared to give them push back.  So they are shocked when someone steals their prized possessions (Darius), or infests them with fleas (Seth), or drops […]

How would you empower yourself against bullies?

The Zodiac Academy ~ Book I The Awakening ~ An Academy Bully Romance Authors Carline Peckham and Susana Valenti wisely made it clear that this series of books, about bullies at a high-school academy, is not for the faint of heart. Although it is fan fiction based (loosely) upon JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, here there […]